Informa 0.7.0-alpha2 API

de.nava.informa.core This package contains interfaces for the news channel objects, it builds the core API for all news channel storage implementation.
de.nava.informa.exporters This package contains exporter classes to writing out news channels in various formats.
de.nava.informa.impl.basic Provides an in-memory implementation of the core news channel interfaces.
de.nava.informa.impl.hibernate Provides an implementation of the core news channel interfaces using persistence mechanism provided by Hibernate (for more see
de.nava.informa.parsers This package defines parsers for reading in news channels. This package contains classes for creating and searching news items through a full-text index.
de.nava.informa.utils Provides utility classes that are convenient when handling the news channel object model.
de.nava.informa.utils.cleaner This package contains classes of Cleaner utility.
de.nava.informa.utils.manager This package contains definition of Persistence Manager interface.
de.nava.informa.utils.manager.hibernate This package contains Hibernate implementation of Persistence Manager interface.
de.nava.informa.utils.manager.memory This package contains in-memory implementation of Persistence Manager interface.
de.nava.informa.utils.poller This package contains Poller utility.
de.nava.informa.utils.toolkit This package contains helper classes necessary both for Poller, Cleaner and other utilities.


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