Package de.nava.informa.utils

Provides utility classes that are convenient when handling the news channel object model.


Interface Summary
PersistChanGrpMgrObserverIF Additional events that can be observed for PersistChanGrpMgr

Class Summary
AtomParserUtils Common utility functions for Atom 0.3 and Atom 1.0 parser
Base64Decoder A class to decode Base64 streams and strings.
CacheSettings delegation class for the various CacheSettingsIF implementation.
ChannelComparator Custom comparator for ChannelIF objects.
ChannelRegistry This class can be used as central repository for storing a collection of channel objects and maintaining them (by specifying update intervals).
ConditionalGetValues contain the values of HTTP headers.
FeedManager A class used to manage feeds.
FeedManagerEntry Holder class for feeds held in the manager.
FeedRefreshDaemon Use a Timer and TimerTask to periodically refresh feeds added by FeedManager.
FileUtils Utility class providing some convenience methods when handling files.
FormatDetector Utility class for analysing the news channel syntax and mapping to known format to ease further processing.
HttpHeaderUtils utilities to deal with http headers
InformaUtils InformaUtils class contain helper methods for various channel operations.
ItemComparator Custom comparator for ItemIF objects, which takes the date the news item was found into account.
NoOpEntityResolver An EntityResolver that resolves the DTD without actually reading the separate file.
ParserUtils Utility class providing convenience methods to (XML) parsing mechanisms.
PersistChanGrpMgr PersistChanGrpMgr - Controls and Manages a single Hibernate based Informa ChannelGroup.
PersistChanGrpMgrTask PersistChanGrpMgrTask - description...
SimpleChannelObserver Simple implementation of the ChannelOberserverIF interface for keeping track of the added news item (and also to properly handle it by the logging facility).
UpdateChannelInfo Metadata class containing properties about channel updates.
UpdateChannelTask Class for performing a channel retrieval in periodic intervals as a TimerTask.
XmlPathUtils Utility class providing methods access XML attributes and elements using a path.

Exception Summary
FeedManagerException Exception class, which is used if an invalid feed is tried to be loaded.

Package de.nava.informa.utils Description

Provides utility classes that are convenient when handling the news channel object model. These can be seen as a tollkit when working with core interfaces of the news channel model.

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