Package de.nava.informa.utils.poller

This package contains Poller utility.


Interface Summary
InputSourceProviderIF Interface of InputSource provider which is intended to return input source created from the given InputStream.
InputStreamProviderIF Interface of InputStream provider which is intended to return input stream for a given channel.
PollerApproverIF Approver of item addition as result of poll.
PollerObserverIF Observer of events outgoing from Poller.

Class Summary
CompositeApprover Composite approver uses all of its sub-approvers to form decision.
CompositeObserver Composite observer delivers all received events to sub observers.
PersistenceObserver Watches for event about new items and calls given manager to create items in channels.
Poller Background poller of channels and groups of channels.
PollerWorkerThread Worker thread is the main processing unit.
PriorityComparator Comparator for ChannelRecord class.

Package de.nava.informa.utils.poller Description

This package contains Poller utility. General intention is to simplify at maximum background polling of channels, make it easy and efficient. Most of time people "invent the wheel" creating similar code again and again. Having this code in the library will greatly save time and will help to avoid many pitfalls.

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