Interface TextInputIF

All Superinterfaces:
Serializable, WithDescriptionMIF, WithIdMIF, WithLinkMIF, WithNameMIF, WithTitleMIF
All Known Implementing Classes:
TextInput, TextInput

public interface TextInputIF
extends WithIdMIF, WithTitleMIF, WithNameMIF, WithDescriptionMIF, WithLinkMIF

This interface is implemented by objects representing an text input field assigned to a channel in the news channel object model. This could be typically used for executing a search on the web site linked to.

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Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface de.nava.informa.core.WithIdMIF
getId, setId
Methods inherited from interface de.nava.informa.core.WithTitleMIF
getTitle, setTitle
Methods inherited from interface de.nava.informa.core.WithNameMIF
getName, setName
Methods inherited from interface de.nava.informa.core.WithDescriptionMIF
getDescription, setDescription
Methods inherited from interface de.nava.informa.core.WithLinkMIF
getLink, setLink

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